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The supporting cast also does a good job in the acting department. Hardhitting steven seagal, along with chuck norris, lorenzo lamas, christos and more, serve up the heartpounding action in this 10film collection where facing down evil doers is the name of the serious and deadly game they stepped forward to play. With steven seagal, russell wong, jemma dallender, mircea drambareanu. A good man movie watch online free download,a good man. A good man 2014 best man movie, steven seagal, a good man.

A good man is the steven seagal version of the south korean action classic the man from nowhere. Steven frederic seagal was born in lansing, michigan, to patricia anne fisher, a medical technician, and samuel seagal, a high school math teacher. A good man is a 2014 action, crime film directed by keoni waxman and starring steven seagal, victor webster, tzi ma, iulia verdes, and claudiu bleont. Absolution is a 2015 action crime film directed by keoni waxman and starring steven seagal the film is a sequel to a good man, and is the sixth collaboration between steven seagal and director keoni waxman. Steven seagal will star in a new action thriller called a good man for voltage pictures with keoni waxman directing and a 10m budget the film is a revenge movie and will be shot in new mexico where seagal plays a recluse who is brought out of retirement to help.

This movie tells the story of a man who goes undercover in a hitech prison to find out information to help prosecute those who killed his wife. In a good man, steven seagal plays a recluse who is brought out of retirement to help an old friend, sam huang, from the chinese mafia. Steven seagal best action movies 2016 movies youtube. A good man 2014 rotten tomatoes after an illustrious special ops career ends in disaster, alexander steven seagal goes off the grid and attempts to lead a quiet life as a handyman at an. The glimmer man movie full, the glimmer man movie download, the glimmer man full length movie, the glimmer man sub, the glimmer man full movie free download, the glimmer man full. Seagal attracted mainstream appeal in 1992 when he starred in the davisdirected hit under.

In 2003, he played in the foreigner, a movie with a. The film costars eva pope, imelda staunton and garrick hagon. Morris chestnut, steven seagal, matt battaglia, ja rule. Seagal will play alexander coates, a character who will also appear in. You know, the one about a retired special ops executive who happens to live next door to a young woman and her daughter who are at risk from thugs and local gangsters. In 1991, famous toughguy actor steven seagal earned himself a ban from saturday night live for reasons that perhaps shouldve been foreseen. Heck, if he were in the movie more, id even give it a higher score. Steven seagal holds a 7th dan and is a shihan in aikido aikikai, has black belts in karate, judo, kendo. Steven seagal lives a very full life outside of making movies and hanging out with cops. Of these, i believe shadow man is the better, and i personally liked against the dark, even though seagal s role was limited.

His aikido style looks very powerfull even for a big man he is and what he does like are the wrist locks and counterdirectional moves which. His paternal grandparents were russian jewish immigrants, and his mother had english, german, and distant irish and dutch, ancestry. Heres the poster for steven seagals a good man 2014. And that includes his movies, even the dtv ones with horrible names like a good man. It is, however, a very funny movie, and thats all i really look for when it comes to seagal. A good man is the latest movie starring action superstar steven seagal. The glimmer man 1996 rotten tomatoes movie trailers. Force of execution is a 20 action crime film directed by keoni waxman, written by richard beattie and michael black, and starring steven seagal, ving rhames, and danny trejo. He does the kinds of things in his imagination that people like scarlett johansson only pretend to do in superhero movies.

A good man 2014 steven seagal movies keoni waxman and featuring steven seagal, victor webster, tzi ma, iulia. Now that you know that up front i can honestly say this is truly a good movie. He also spends a lot of time traveling around the world to visit his friends who really live far away. He opened several dojos around the world during his aikido career, gave seminars all over the world and is still demonstrating his skill occasionally. Perfect weapon was again something different, but seagal s role was also limited. A good man 2014 steven seagal killcount by satanclause1. Currently in cinemas, a good man is an exciting steven seagal show of nonstop, heartracing action. The film also marks the third collaboration between seagal and jones who starred in 2005s submerged and 2014s gutshot straight, and between. The glimmer man 1996 full movie streaming download youtube. Maybe its because i did some research into what the man has been about. The film was released on directtodvd in the united states on june 6, 2006. A good man 2014 movie online a good man, steven seagal.

Vladimir putin and friend steven seagal, promoting. Shadow man is a 2006 american thriller film directed by michael keusch, and also written and produced by steven seagal, who also starred in the film. The main reason for watching a steven seagal film is the action sequences and this film has plenty of them. The script is definitely one of the best for any of his films. The film is a prequel to force of execution, and is the fifth collaboration between steven seagal and director keoni waxman. Islamic extremists will make an alliance with a mexican cartel to smuggle wmd and terrorists into usa. Bias alert i have almost every movie made by steven seagal so needless to add that i am a fan of his films. The enigmatic seagal commenced his martial arts training at the. But sometimes its nice to sit back and watch some good. The glimmer man 1996 full movie streaming download. The movie marks the fourth collaboration between steven seagal and keoni waxman following the keeper, a dangerous man, and maximum conviction, and the fourth collaboration between steven seagal and executive producer. New seagal filma good man unofficial steven seagal. Ill give his movies a fair shake and to be fair a good man is one of the better seagal dtvs.

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