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Garcialopez p1, perezurizar j, ibarra a, grijalva i, madrazo i, floresmurrieta f, castanedahernandez g, guizarsahagun g. Pricing select your region all others all others e. A new genetically obesehyperglycemic rat wistar fatty. Wistar rats synonyms, wistar rats pronunciation, wistar rats translation, english dictionary definition of wistar rats. All structured data from the file and property namespaces is available under the creative commons cc0 license. The fagene was transferred from the zucker rat m strain to the wistar kyoto wky rat. The metabolism and toxicity of furosemide in the wistar. The wistar bloodline has contributed more strains of rats than any other line. The rat rattus norvegicus is widely used in experimental work, both providing a rodent model for human ocular disease and as a species for toxicologic screening. Donalson at the wistar instiute, usa, at the begining of 19th century. Wistar rat synonyms, wistar rat pronunciation, wistar rat translation, english dictionary definition of wistar rat. Are sprague dawley rats better than wistar rats for obesity. The laboratory rat handbook of experimental animals. Pdf determination of median lethal dose of triazophos.

Their use in scientific research started in the 16 th century, although the development of the laboratory rat as an experimental model really began in 1906 when the wistar institute developed the wistar rat model rattus norvegicus. While being well studied in spraguedawley rats 712, long term effects of fructose enriched diet are not in wistar rats. During experiments, laboratory animals may experience stress, defined as a nonspecific response of the body to external stimuli. Moringa oleifera impairs the morphology and functions of. The common domestic rat, which is found worldwide and is a destructive pest of crops and stored food and a carrier of disease. Wistar rat definition of wistar rat by medical dictionary. This strain is now disseminated by harland nederland.

Determination of median lethal dose of triazophos with dmso in wistar rats article pdf available in asian journal of pharmaceutical and clinical research 74. Anticancer effects of ajwa dates phoenix dactylifera l. Elle a notamment produit des rats spraguedawley knockout, avec les techniques zincfinger nucleases zfn. Derived from animals from the wistar institute, philadelphia, pennsylvania. While less commonly used for research than mice, rats have served as an important animal model for research in psychology and biomedical science.

Characterization of six rat strains rattus norvegicus by. Control group, divided into females n4 and males n4. Although both rat strains wistar and sd are nearly equally used for the induction and the exploration of the metabolic syndrome features, some seem say that sd rats are less prone for spontenous. The present study was aimed at investigating the wound healing effect of ethanolic extract of cestrum nocturnum l. Pdf in summary, the creation and maintenance of the wistar rats as. Wistar rats definition of wistar rats by medical dictionary. Nutritional studies on rats fed diets formulated from treated. Biology department, faculty of applied sciences for girls, umm alqura university, mekkah, ksa. The wistar rat, and to a lesser extent, the spraguedawley rat, gradually became the most popular rat strains for laboratory research. Dawley rats are used in the study of embryonic development, teratology and reproductive toxicology, as.

Wistar han list of studies wistar han rats species strain sex route vehicle chemical rats wistar han male and female gavage corn oil pentabromodiphenyl ether mixture de71 technical grade rats wistar han male and female gavage corn oil tetrabromobisphenol a rats wistar han male and female gavage water green tea extract rats wistar han. The similar species rattus norvegicus, the brown rat or wharf rat, has also been carried worldwide by ships in recent centuries. The zucker fatty rat as a genetic model of obesity and hypertension pdf. One of the noninbred lines which they maintained was known as the wistar rat. A laboratory rat or lab rat is a rat of the species rattus norvegicus domestica which is bred and kept for scientific research. Comparative pharmacokinetics of purified flaxseed and.

Hematology and clinical chemistry female wistar han outbred rat. Toxic effect of lead on kidney function i n rat wistar f. Effects of shortterm fasting in male spraguedawley rats ncbi. Wistar, wistar munich, brown norway, wistar kyoto, shr, and shrsp spontaneously hypertensive rat stroke prone. The structure of the tongue were surveyed in other rodents as rat kilinc et al. Pdf spermatozoa morphology and characteristics of male.

Another popular laboratory rat is the longevans, also known as the hooded rat, as it has darker hair over parts of the head and anterior body. Wistar plural wistars an outbred albino rat used in medical research, having a wide head, long ears, and a tail. Wistar rats definition of wistar rats by the free dictionary. Evaluation of bone regeneration using the rat critical.

In combination with wky strain, a wistar diabetic fatty rat was developed with increased fatness, glucose intolerance, decreased insulin sensitivity, hepatic insulin resistance, neuropathic. To nederlandsinstituut voor volksfoending in 1933, to unilever, vlaardingen in 1941 and institut centraale proefdierenbedrijf tno in 1958. Morphometric and anatomical evaluation of the heart of. They are also used in immunology as models for infectious diseases and autoimmune responses. They are commonly used in many fields of research, including oncology, aging, pharmacology, toxicology, and metabolismnutrition.

Dawley from a hybrid hooded male and a female wistar rat. Metabolic syndrome and hypertension resulting from. Twentyfour adult male wistar rats were employed in the study. Tol, ont ete examinees chez le rat wistar femelle gestante. Cloning, sequencing, and polymorphisms of the wistarimamichi. Research laboratory animals wistar rats manufacturer from. Scientific poster historical background control data in the rcchan. Spontaneous ovarian neoplasms of the laboratory rat. Wistar rat article about wistar rat by the free dictionary. With their more active behaviour and higher metabolic rate 7, 15, wistar rats are less sensitive towards t2d than spraguedawley rats.

The widespread use of the wistar rats, however, is a function of the ingenuity of milton greenman who. Gunma university technical consultant, shibayagi co. A wistar substrain that was disseminated to glaxo laboratory uk from the wistar institute in philadelphia in 1933, then to the dutch institution for nutrition amsterdam, the netherlands and maintained by unilever company vlaardingen, the netherlands from 1941. Purified lignans were intravenously or orally administered to each male wistar rat. Wistarkyoto rat how is wistarkyoto rat abbreviated. Genetically defined strains of laboratory animals, part i, mouse and rat p. Evolution, history and domestication of the norway rat. Cloning, sequencing, and polymorphisms of the wistarimamichi rat growth hormone gene using pcrsscp m.

The wistar rat is a commonly used strain for experimental animal models. The animals were randomly distributed into two groups. Histological, biochemical, antioxidant enzyme status, as well as the related cytokines and. Files are available under licenses specified on their description page. Recently it was shown that results vary between studies using wistar rats of different suppliers. The rat has been used in experiments since before christ and, in the xix century, with the intensification of the research reports, the use of this species increased considerably. In summary, the creation and maintenance of the wistar rats as standardized animals can be attributed to the breeding work of helen dean king, coupled with the management and husbandry methods of milton greenman and louise duhring, and with supporting documentation provided by henry donaldson. An inbred strain is defined as a strain that has been through at least 20 generations of sibmating or its. To define the nature of the toxic metabolite, we examined the relationship between furosemide metabolism in cd1 mice and wistar rats. In this study, the tongue of two species of rat is compared and relation of histological structure of them and their diet is investigated. Approche quantitative des comportements nocturnes chez le rat wistar. The survey, performed at the 10th generation of backcrossing, showed that wistar fatty rats fafa, a congenic strain of wky, developed obesity and obesityrelated features, such as hyperinsulinemia and hyperlipemia, in the same manner as zucker fatty rats. The laboratory rat, rattus norvegicus springerlink.

Sep 09, 2012 their use in scientific research started in the 16 th century, although the development of the laboratory rat as an experimental model really began in 1906 when the wistar institute developed the wistar rat model rattus norvegicus. Spermatozoa morphology and characteristics of male wistar rats administered with ethanolic extract of lagenaria breviflora roberts. Li 1college of life science, hohhot, inner mongolia, china 2key laboratory of national education ministry for mammalian reproductive biology and biotechnology, inner mongolia university, hohhot, inner mongolia. Male wistar rats were anesthetized with nembutal and were intravenously injected with 1 mgkg of fab2 or fab fraction of either monoclonal antibody 5i2, which inhibits the function of rat counterpart of mouse crryp65, or monoclonal antibody 6d1, which inhibits the rat counterpart of cd59. The pilot study first phase used 16 adult male wistar albino rats rattus norvegicus weighing 300350 g, approximately 3 months of age, divided into four groups of 4 rats each. Panel of rat cell lines cls cell lines service part of the cls cell bank table 1.

A rat can be lifted by the base of the tail, but this technique should be employed for only short periods, such as to move a rat. By classical definition, a critical size defect is the smallest size tissue defect that will not completely heal over the natural lifetime of an animal. This demonstration can be used to provide students with an overall conceptual understanding of how to measure renal function. Cpcsea committee for the purpose of control and supervision on experiments on animals headed by a government official from a reputed institute and others from various committees for. Ten animals from each strain were sampled from different matings. Located in the university city section of philadelphia, wistar was founded in 1892 as americas first nonprofit institution solely focused on biomedical research and training. Previous evidence suggested hepatotoxicity arises from metabolic bioactivation to a chemically reactive metabolite that binds to hepatic proteins. Pdf toxic effect of lead on kidney function in rat wistar. The common laboratory rat, rattus norvegicus, has had a colorful history in its progression from feral origins to the research laboratory. Hence in the present study, we used the deninduced hepatic cancer model in wistar rats and evaluated the cancer inhibition effects of the aqueous extract of ajwa dates ade.

Wistar rat medical definition merriamwebster medical. Experimental model of heterotopic ossification in wistar rats. Rat mouse default values rat default values subchronic study chronic study weaning bw water intake water factor food intake food factor bw water intake water. We tested the hypothesis that moringa oleifera impairs the morphology and functions of the kidney in rats. Wistar rats 220250 g body weight were purchased from the laboratory animal center of heilongjiang university of chinese medicine harbin, china and divided into two groups group a, drug group for dosed rat plasma, n 7, and group b, control group for blank rat plasma, n 7 and kept in a breeding room. Apparently indigenous to the steppes of asia, the species is thought to have migrated down the norwegian peninsula and arrived in england via ship in the early 18th century donaldson, 1924. Pharmacological investigation of the wound healing. Wistar is a world leader in earlystage discovery science in the areas of cancer, immunology and infectious disease. Comparison between spraguedawley and wistar rats as an. The results for the wistar and spraguedawley rats were in good agreement with published data for these strains, thus validating the modified 3hdfp method for erythrocyte life span determination. Determination of erythrocyte life span in f344, wistar, and. A study was conducted to compare health status of male adult wistar rats from two.

Furosemide, a loop diuretic, causes hepatic necrosis in mice. A strain of albino rat developed at the wistar institute that has spread widely at other institutionsthis has markedly diluted the original strain. Wistar rat definition of wistar rat by the free dictionary. A total of 16 male and female rats rattus norvegicus, of conventional wistar lineage, originating from the central animal facility at the technical unit of the biological sciences and health center ufms were used in this study. They are thought to have originated in some parts of asia. Wistar albino rats were divided into five groups each consisting of six animals. In addition, the red cell life span of the f344 rat was shown to be comparable with other rat strains. A laboratory rat or lab rat is a rat of the species rattus norvegicus domestica which is bred and. Wistar rat splenocytes can be used for a wide variety of immunologybased applications. Les rats male et femelle ont ete mis dans deux cages separees, une.

Three groups were used for the induction of heterotopic bone, but with different volumes. This is reflected in its behaviour and, when treated properly and sympathetically, its tolerance to handling and restraint. Comparison between spraguedawley and wistar rats as an experimental model of pharmacokinetic alterations induced by spinal cord injury. Manuel sur le soin et lutilisation des animaux dexperimentation. Therefore we studied whether wistar rats obtained from harlan laboratories ha, n 24 and charles river cr, n 22 had a different outcome in an acute myocardial. The wistar institute is an independent, nonprofit research institution in biomedical science, with special expertise in oncology, immunology, infectious disease and vaccine research. Learn how to pronounce wistar and more about the wistar word at. Tsh is produced and secreted by basophilic cells called thyrotrophs in the anterior. Handling is seen as the mani pulation of an animal by hand for the purposes of removing it from the cage and transferring it to another cage, onto the pan of a. The use of animals in scientific research is not recent. Wistar rats from different suppliers have a different.

The institute is committed to accelerating research advances from bench to bedside through brilliant science and distinctive approaches to collaboration among scientific investigators and academic and industry partners. Hematology and clinical chemistry male wistar han outbred rat. The purpose of this protocol is to demonstrate the principles and techniques for measuring and calculating glomerular filtration rate, urine flow rate, and excretion of sodium and potassium in a rat. Rats from this colony were sent all over the world, beginning as early as 1911. Health status of male adult wistar rats from two experimental.

In the era when biology was being defined, he recognized in the rat. In the case of bone, an orthotopic defect that will not heal without intervention is termed a critical size defect. Wist rat in chronic toxicity studies scientific poster female wistar han outbred rats as a model of obesity when fed high fat diets. Handling is seen as the mani pulation of an animal by hand for the purposes of removing it from the cage and transferring it to another cage, onto the pan of a balance for weighing. It has not been established if an outbred rat strain wistars and an inbred rat strain lewis rats exhibit the same sensitivity to taa with regard to the development and course of alf mehendale 2005, rahman. He later established wistar institute in philadelphia that will have a major role in the development of the rat as an important laboratory animal similar to the impact the jackson laboratory had on the development of the laboratory mouse.

Origin and general characteristics name of cell line cell type organism, ethnicity age gender tissue disease morphology growth properties cls order no. Ah 1 rat liver hepatoma cell line rattus norvegicus rat spraguedawley. Depending on the parameters of your experiments, cells from wistar rats, like wistar rat splenocytes, may offer experimental advantages. The early investigators who were active at the wistar institute included drs henry donaldson, helen dean king and margaret reed lewis. We are only dealing in rabbit and rats for laboratory usage. The various published classifications of ovarian tumors in many species require the availa bility of clinical information for their full application. Most are derived from the albino wistar rat, which is still widely used. The oldest purposebred strain of inbred rats, the pa strain, had been created by helen dean king at the wistar institute in philadelphia by 1909 krinke 2000.

Located in the university city section of philadelphia, wistar was founded in 1892 as americas first nonprofit institution solely focused on biomedical research. The wistar institute is a global leader in biomedical research with special expertise in cancer, immunology, infectious diseases and vaccine development. Wistar rats are thus more representative of human population 7. Aoues 2 1 departement of biotechnology, facult y of sciences, university of mostaganem 27000, algeria. Renal biomarkers of male and female wistar rats rattus. The norms and organization of the animal facility are in total compliance with. The laboratory rat, like its wild counterpart, is an extremely intelligent animal, probably more so than the other rodents commonly used for biomedical research.

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