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Open the zune player, click on your zune device on the player and sync, which should automatically start update your device. The zune 4, 8, and 16 have gotten generally positive reception. A bit unsure exactly what kind of hdd would work, watched a video where the hdd. It has a lot of annoying problems, but i put up with them because it has one great upside, a powerful noise free headphone output. Zune is a discontinued media management software for microsoft windows that functions as a. Download zune player and zune hd player product manuals from official microsoft download center. Zune marketplace software offers music, tv shows, movies, podcasts, and music. Replacement hard drive for microsoft zune 30gb 1st gen. These were supported in the first gen zune software, and i was surprised to find that my autoplaylists were not converted when i installed the new software. We service device repairs nationally from our diagnostics from our website. Zune software cannot recognize device at all because of insufficient storage. Oct 10, 2009 20 thoughts on 32gb solid state zune upgrade. Good, the moment youve been waiting for has arrived. Here is how to do that and reformat it quick and easy.

Click to view the first generation 30gb zunewhich 1. The model is mk3008gal which is the oem drive used in the zune 30gb 1st generation. Today i was just cleaning some stuff and found my good ol zune player microsofts portable media player and ipod competitor. Nothing wrong with the installed zune software in my unit. Since ive sold my first gen zune to get extra cash to be one of the first to get the iphone, i still sort of miss having a zune. Apparently i missed a bunch of updates and the files are locked. I have had the 1st gen model since december of last year. The zune hd unlike the first generation zune is microsofts own take on a music player, a design thats both thoughtful and original.

It also doesnt have a power button, which is why many users are confused about how to turn this player on and off. Simply select the problem and an estimate for your zune will appear. Complete guide to zune 2s software and firmware gizmodo. Sure, the new zune is more of a half step forward than a. Click to viewthe first generation 30gb zunewhich 1. Download zune player and zune hd player product manuals. Ive also made a copy in my dropbox if this ever disappears. The firstgeneration zune device was created by microsoft in close cooperation with toshiba, which took the design of the. Try these actions first if you are having a problem with syncing to your zune device. Its not like you can use them with any at least remotely decent software. Sleek leather sleeve with soft, green fabric interior fullscreen protection provides playthrough access to zune controls total access to zune headphone jack and bottom connector port belt clip keeps zune securely at your side compatible with zune 4gb and 8gb players. Itll just restart over and over and it wont boot up. From any artist, album, or song, smart dj will generate a related playlist from the.

I returned the hard drive and ordered a new 120 gb hard drive. Despite being discontinued, its one of the best media players i ever used, with almost no bugs and some interesting features, like the taskbar option. I later learned that these hard drives do not function in 1st gen. Aug 09, 2012 online copies of the zune player and zune hd player product manuals. Hi, first of all, i want to thank jazzfan80, theevillightbulb, ferrango, lek0903, mckaskie, and any other users who have helped in this thread. The zune team has indicated to me that this was a design tradeoff, made based on their survey data that indicated a small percentage of people use autoplaylists a. So i have a zune hd 32gb model 1402 and i want to sell it but when i connect it to my computer and start the zune software which took me a while to find but i. Microsoft zune 30gb 1st gen repair service diagnostic 30 gb. So i came across the zune and i have been hearing people say some good things about it but i want to hear it from my boys in dvdtalk. The zune software, which runs on windows xp, vista, and the xbox 360, allows users to manage files on the player, rip audio cds, and buy songs at the online store. I already had the software from the zune 1st gen, but it was. We provide news, articles, hacks, skins, support, etc.

After using both itunes and zune for years i actually prefer the zune software. I just want my computer or any other computer to recognize my. For zune 1st 30gb the zune arrives here, and goes through diagnosis. Buy ac wall home charger for zune 30gb 1st gen mp3 player.

I already had the software from the zune 1st gen, but it was updated when i added the 32g hd. The first zune model, the zune 30, was released in the united states on november 14, 2006, featuring a capacity of 30 gigabytes, fm radio, and a 3 inch screen. Sure, the new zune is more of a half step forward than a completely new design. Zune 1st generation 30gb hard drive replacement part fix. Tip restart, turn off, reset or format microsoft zune player. Did you know zune has an option to minimize to task bar, so that you can control your zune without having it opened, you can open the main window, change the song, pauseplay and favorite it. If you have the symptoms of a bad hard drive and can confirm the drive is not spinning smooth, there is a good chance the hard drive needs replacing. So i found my old first gen zune while cleaning out the garage and it still works. I think, i bought it from microsoft store long time back in 2007, cant remember exactly. The original zune player doesnt have a touchscreen. Games and applications on the zune have been available since may 2008. Hqrp replacement battery for microsoft 1st generation zune. Download zune player and zune hd player product manuals from. Dlo hipcase leather sleeve w belt clip for zune 4gb8gb 0057632.

I feel that the hard drive is pretty much screwed, i have no receipt for the unit. This evening, i am going to try to restore the zune device software. Zune firmware hacked for usb drive goodness 12 years i was unaware that you couldnt use the first gen zune as an external drive via usb without hacking it. Nov 14, 2007 zune firmware hacked for usb drive goodness. The zune software will automatically be installed onto your drive. Some first generation zune owners are upset about the new software being thrust upon them by microsoft. Hopefully this helps you guys and it was successful. Xbox music heads to xbox 360 first tomorrow, pc tablets on oct. I also scanned it for change in hardware in the device manager, but it was not recognized. I hate to say it, but i still miss my firstgen zune.

I dont get howwhy people have problems with zune software. The firstgeneration zune was created by microsoft in close cooperation with. Nov 15, 2019 rest in peace zune is years old and long gone, but it left an impression on me forever zune was cool to me in spite of the ipods domination. Positives and negatives mimic those of the zune 80 and 120, as the 4, 8, and 16 are very similar devices in a smaller package. My question to the community is, has anyone else heard or experienced this. Zune was a line of digital media products and services marketed by microsoft. Its not a frozen zune like other people have experienced. How to wirelessly sync music on 1st gen zune youtube. I have reset the unit, and still does the same thing. The birthday person has a 1st gen ipod, and doesnt have anything against ms or apple. If they have a large music collection or want the radio and dont. Details about microsoft zune 30gb 1st gen repair service diagnostic 30 gb 30g 1g. I didnt need to do anything other than plug it in to the usb hub on my laptop and windows zune took it.

And my sense is, the zune podcast software really doesnt like those redirects. Zune consisted of a line of portable media players, digital media player software for windows pcs, a music subscription service known as a zune music pass, music and video streaming services for the xbox 360 game console via the zune software, music, tv and movie sales, and desktop sync software for windows phone. The first zune player 30gb was released in the united states on november 14, 2006. The small diehard community dedicated to the legacy of the zune. Over the years we have sorted through hundreds of manufacturers to build an offering of the highest quality parts on the market. The software is used to sync with all devices with zune functionality including the zune 4, 8, 16, 30, 80, 120, zune hd, windows phone 7, and microsoft kin. I plugged it up to my windows 10 laptop to transfer the music, but i cannot access the files.

I own 2 first gen 30gb zunes and 1 zune 16gb hd and they are strong. Zune is years old and long gone, but it left an impression. The touchpad is a nice addition from the 1st gen zunes. It fit perfectly in the zune casing, but it did not function as a hard drive. Online copies of the zune player and zune hd player product manuals. The firstgeneration zune device was created by microsoft in close cooperation with toshiba, which took the design of the gigabeat s and redeveloped it under the name toshiba 1089 as registered with the federal communications commission fcc starting in 2006. I know a lot of apple fanboys said and will keep saying that zunes suck and i am turning into an apple fanboy, too. How to reboot, reformat, and restore your zune device now. How to update the firmware on your zune, without microsoft. Also, the battery would continue to drain after i turned it off.

Zune 1st gen lcd screen rapid repair serves portage and kalamazoo for all ipod repair, iphone repair, ipad repair, zune repair. I have a 1st gen 30gb zune but need to upgrade to fit my music. Batteries free delivery possible on eligible purchases. You have to use the zune software for syncing and organizing your zune player. How to update the firmware on your zune, without microsoft, dammit. This is a discussion forum for the microsoft ms zune. Zune boards this is a discussion forum for the microsoft. With the latest refresh of the zune pc software, first and second generation zune owners can now enjoy audio and video podcasts with the. Zune 30gb 1st gen original acrylic case agent 18 partzune 30gb 1st gen original acrylic case agent 18 repairzune 30gb 1this is for the part alone.

Although microsoft will retire zune services on nov. I added games and applications to my zune very easily bu. This is a guide that i basically took from jazzfan80s post and updated it so that other users get clearer instructions with the updated answersreplies from his post. Microsoft released its second generation of zune players in november 2007, and along with it comes completely overhauled zune pc software. We offer iphone screen repair, ipad screen repair, device batteries, iphone backups and more. I have a 1st gen 30gb zune and its still going strong, i probably listen to it 68 hours a day at work too. Wall chargers free delivery possible on eligible purchases. The zune 30 was initially available in black, brown or white. Please select model 120gb 30gb model 80gb my model is not listed please select problem free diagnostic service front faceplate replacement lcd screen replacement liquid damage my problem is not listed here.

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