Nnnx-smart endo motor pdf

Ambient conditions the device must not be placed in humid surroundings or where it. Gently work these instruments until a smooth, reproducible included in your system, should be used. This motor should not be used for severe curved root canal preparation. If a hightorque motor is used, the instrumentspeci. Procedures for using the aseptico endo dtc motor preset torque settings are recommended for each file series. Warnings those that dentsply tulsa dental specialties speci. Xsmart plus endo motor 10 blisters protaper next assortment x1x3, 25mm 30 files 1 blister proglider, 25mm 3 files cleaning and maintenance unit adaptor protaper next clinical procedure card x smart plus cleaning adaptor ref a 1007600 ref a 1032 endo motor with contraangle and universal ac adaptor x smart plus x smart plus waveone. A possible solution to this problem might be to use a lowtorque endodontic motor which operates below the maximum permissible limittorque of each rotary instrument. Endodontic motors available in the world market according to timeline 19th century 20th century 21st century dentsply xsmart plus xsmart iq aeu20t endodontic system xsmart dual aeu25t electronic endodontic nsk 40 system endodontic dtc endo mate tc2 promark endo mate dt e3 torque control motor anthogyre xsmart orikam ionyx endy nt2. Thank you for purchasing the xsmart endo motor indications xsmart endo motor is an endodontic micromotor to drive niti instruments. For dental use only introduction congratulations on your purchase of the xsmart plus endo motor.

This motor should be used only in hospital environments, clinics, or dental of. Read this user manual carefully before use for operating instructions, care and maintenance. This device has to be used only in hospital environments, clinics or dental offices by qualified dental personnel. They are given without guarantee of risk or fracture. Dentist the motor handpiece is intended for endodontic treatment and may only be used by trained and qualified professionals such as dentists. Read this operation manual carefully before use for operation instructions, care and maintenance. Dentsply xsmart endo motor operation manual pdf download.

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