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Windows 10 thread, win 10 wsus working but not reporting in technical. When you choose wsus as your source for windows updates, you use group policy to point windows 10 client devices to the wsus server for their updates. The op abandoned the question and abandoned wsus without a resolution. Spm and wsus on two separate 2012 r2 machines wsus console shows the windows 10 client. Im not talking about release updates, i know wsus 3 cant do that. To make this change in wsus, open the update services administrator console, select options products and classifications, and, in the products tab, select windows 10, version 1903 and later andor windows server, version 1903 and later. If you have migrated from windows 7 to windows 10, you will notice lot. You can therefore use the same default settings as with previous versions. Fix an unexpected error occurred in the wsus snapin. Update to enable wsus support for windows 10 feature upgrades. Also, more options are available for windows 10, which you should use with wsus.

How to fix the an unexpected error occurred in the wsus snapin. Use these 4 methods to open mmc on windows 10 computer. Microsoft has released an update for windows server update services wsus 3. Ill walk you through the components of wsus and how to check and make sure each one is. Lets say you want to get a snapshot of all deployable drivers in windows update that you can add to wsus for a computer model. You can do this using specify settings for optional component installation and component repair in group policy under. I am testing out windows 10 1809 on a freshly imaged computer and cannot for the life of me get wsus tools installed. Ive tested it on both windows 7 and windows 10 clients successfully. Complete guide to install and configure wsus on windows server. Wsus on server 2016 not showing any windows 10 or 2016. I have tried it from multiple windows 10 computer with same result. Find answers to wsus crashing iis reset fixes for a few minutes.

Complete guide to install and configure wsus on windows. December 2009 some days ago i installed windows software update services under windows 2008 r2 everything worked fine without a problem. Remote server administration tools rsat enables it administrators to remotely manage roles and features in windows server from a computer that is running windows 10, windows 8. As an example, i will be importing update kb4554364 into wsus. Use the below procedure to manually import updates in wsus. If you want to start the wsus console from your wsus server, then there is not else to do. However, if the client obtains its updates from wsus, windows 10 will. Troubleshooting 1 i am assuming that you are using group policies to apply the wsus settings to your clients, so first of all, check if the wsus policy was properly applied to computer. You need to know about this windows 10 1903 patching change. My gpo was setup correctly and wsus was running, but most of the computers were simply just not showing up.

Updating windows 10, version 1903 using configuration. I have checked the wsus server\server manager and there isnt any alerts about the uncompleted post installation task. How to deploy windows 10 upgrades with wsus using windows server 2012 r2. In this post, you shall learn how to install wsus for configmgr software update point sup. Type ring 2 pilot business users for the name, and then click. In a setup where you have sccm installed, you can install the console on any remote windows 10 computer.

If you havent, click this link wsus windows server 2016. Hello, anyone knows whenif wsus 3 will be able to serve updates to windows 10 1809. Lets see how to install wsus on server 2019 for sccm sup. Create computer groups in the wsus administration console open the wsus administration console. I have chosen windows server 2019 to install and configure wsus. Since windows 10 cannot obtain the rsat via wsus, it must be able to contact windows update in addition to the internal update server. Wsus server console, this post will show in a step by step way, how to troubleshoot the issue. Update build windows 10 blog on microsoft technologies. Install the network driver if required to get internet connectivity. Changes to wsus and configuration manager in windows 10. Once you make this change, updates will be available for version 1903 and later versions of the windows 10 and windows.

Post moved by the moderator to the appropriate forum category. Microsoft is changing how wsus and configuration manager will handle patches as of windows 10 1903. When you need to add many computers to their correct wsus deployment ring, however, it can be timeconsuming to do so manually in the wsus administration console. The reason behind this change, as microsoft stated. In the central panel, double click on content folder. Updating windows 10 version 1903 using configuration. This is the windows server update services support team blog. Wsus on windows server 2012 publishing will work only from remote windows 82012. In this post i will cover the steps to install and configure wsus windows server update services on windows server 2019. Open wsus administrator console, go to options products and classifications. You can launch it by opening the wsus console options wsus. The products and classification selection still does not show 1809. Struggling to resolve an issue with wsus and windows 10. Install wsus for configmgr software update point role.

The wsus administration console was unable to connect to the wsus. For windows 10 1809 or later this console is available as optional feature. I went into wsus console today to approve an update. From there, updates are periodically downloaded to the wsus server and managed, approved, and deployed through the wsus administration console or group policy, streamlining enterprise update. We cover all things relating to wsus and windows update. This can manifest as a server console error, the ever popular its just not reporting in, or through the event log. To be able to install windows 10 updates, including upgrades such as the anniversary update redstone 1, windows 10 v1607, you also need to complete some settings in the wsus management console. Download update for windows server update services 3. This update enables windows server update services wsus on a windows server 2012based or a windows server 2012 r2based server to sync and distribute feature upgrades for windows 10. Launch the wsus console, expand your server and click updates. The wsus administration console was unable to connect to the wsus server via the remote api. To do this, click start, click control panel, click programs and features, and then click turn windows features on or off. Go to the console iis manager console and navigate to the wsus administration site if using port 8530, default value with 2012 and 2012 r2 server or default web site if use of port 80. In addition to windows 10, you also need to check the following new options in software update point component properties.

If you want to start it from another computer, you have to install the console first. Here are the highlevel steps to install windows 10 1903 with wsus. Wsus admin console on windows 10 unable to connect to the. Describes an update that supports windows 10 service through wsus and fixes the incorrect display of windows 10 based computers as windows vista in windows server 2012 r2 and windows server 2012. Windows server update services wsus is installed as a server role on windows server 2016. Setting up a view for feature on demand in the wsus console will fill. It wont return anything but a few moments later you should see the wsus last contact and last detect time update and more importantly, if all the updates were installed successfully, the computer will instantly change to green in the wsus console. Deploy windows 10 updates using windows server update. C install and configure system center configuration manager. In the eventlog you might find errors indicating that the wsus administration console is unable to connect to wsus server via remote api. As a test i have installed wsus console on windows 7 and i can connect to the wsus server. The steps in this guide assumes that you have installed and configured wsus. The rsat tools cover the wsus console, make sure you get the right version for your version of windows 10.

Microsoft management console using the four methods illustrated below video guide on how to open mmc in windows 10. Reinstall windows 10 from installation media for the windows 10 version youre deploying drivers to. After some digging here are the results i came up with. Wsus on server 2016 not showing any windows updates available for windows 10 systems. Resolving the duplicate susclientid issue, or why dont all my clients show up in the wsus console. How to fix clients not showing up in wsus console, step by.

B install and configure the wsus server to deploy the updates. This article includes information about the contents of the update and how to obtain the update. In wsus, open the update services console, then options products and classifications. I have to do this in order to install feature update to windows 10, version 1703. Windows vista, windows xp with service pack 2, or windows server 2003 with service pack 1 or a. How to manually import updates into wsus prajwal desai. When i do i get a notification that says this app wont run on your pc.

Install this update to resolve issues in windows server update services wsus 3. I will show you how to install configuration manager console remotely, via command prompt and also cover log files related to sccm console. Thats because the moment you start using sccm to deploy updates, you forget about the wsus console. Before we jump into the management, lets get familiarized with the wsus console first. Before you can download and install windows 10 1903 with wsus, you have to configure wsus to download this feature upgrade. Our sccm server suddenly stopped downloading updates and after no changes on our end but shortly after the windows 10 1703 creators update was released.

Resolving the duplicate susclientid issue, or why dont. When i try to display all updates in wsus console it hang for about 35 minutes and then crashes. To walk through the installations and configurations discussed in this tutorial, you need a domain controller, 2 wsus servers one as upstream, another as downstream server and a windows 10 client computer. Wsus on windows 20162019 publishing will work only from windows 10 20162019. This update is not required to enable wsus to sync and distribute servicing updates for windows 10.

Our sccm server is also running wsus on it and after a reboot or after a few minutes the wsus console screen would go from showing the console dashboard to display error. Managing 2012 wsus server from win 10 machine petri. And in the products tab, check both windows 10 and windows 10, version 1903 and later options. Windows 10 is generally connected to wsus as it is to windows 78. Server node in your windows server update servers wsus console we. Then, in the configuration manager console, enable the software update point to download updates for windows 10, version 1903 and later andor windows server, version 1903 and later. Remote server administration tools rsat for windows. Wsus console crashes after a few minutes or displays error. Dhcp server tools includes the dhcp management console, the. Install rsat 1809 and other optional features in wsus. Upgrading to windows 10 1903 may update via wsus next of. Remote server administration tools rsat for windows operating. Wsus on windows server 2012 r2 publishing will work only from windows 8.

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