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All of the equipment specified under this section shall be furnished by a single manufacturer with a minimum of 20 years experience producing cast iron sluice gates and shall have a minimum of 100 cast iron sluice gate installations. Pdf the hydraulic characteristics of a side sluice gate were studied experimentally. Find powerpoint presentations and slides using the power of, find free presentations research about tank sluice ppt. Licensed to youtube by mgm distribution, umg on behalf of empire of song. Amra, ascap, abramus digital, umpi, latinautor, kobalt music. 1 this indian standard was adopted by the indian standards institution on 20 november 1985, after the draft finalized by the spillways including energy dissipators sectional committee had been. The design mimics the existing 1930s riveted gate construction using modern materials and joining methods. At sections 1 and 2, the flow is uniform and the pressure is hydrostatic.

Neglecting bottom friction and atmospheric pressure, decide the velocities 8 5 and 8 6, and the horizontal force required to hold the gate if d 56 m, d 61 m, and l5 m. Sluice gates used in water diversion canals, irrigation canals, residual water purification plants, drinkable water treatment plants, reservoirs and industrial general comments a sluice gate is a mechanism used to cut off or obstruct the passage of a liquid. Model 1001c and model 101c light duty, round opening. The design of the side sluice gate to pass a certain. Example sluice gate a sluice gate controls flow in open channels. Apenstockis a sluice or gate or intake structure that controls water flow, or an enclosed pipe that delivers water. Stainless steel sluice gates suggested specifications. A side sluice gate is a flowregulation device widely used in irrigation works for diverting the flow from a main channel to a. View and download powerpoint presentations on tank sluice ppt.

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